Mixed Signals

My Thursday, dealing with the aftermath from the night before, was sucky.  The day was long as I spent the hours before work not exercising, and then was forced to stand behind the counter and listen to Mike mumble about the craziest stories.  This time it was about his Mexican tenants who leave food in drawers so cockroaches infest the place.

“Not my fault, what, they steal food from their friends and hide it in drawers?  Fruit flies,” he paused, thinking about what to say next.

“Oh yeah?”  Classic response.  Works for almost anything.

“Gotta keep them in the fridge.”

The clock was moving especially slow.  Mike kept bringing out more and more pizza boxes for me to fold, which made time go by a little faster but still not fast enough.  He laid the boxes down flat on the table in front of me with a loud bang.  There were fifty in a pack.  I folded the corners, and reached for the tabs, folding them into the slits on the other side until my fingers were stiff.  And just when I thought I was done, Mike would come out from the back with a whole other stack.  By the end of the night I would say I’d folded between a hundred to two hundred boxes.

The clock finally struck nine as my eyelids were slowly giving up on me.

“I’m gonna give you these to take home,” Mike said grabbing the tray of leftovers on the counter.  I was so hungry and I’ve been restraining myself from eating those last few slices the entire night.  Then he decided to heat them up for me?!  I could smell the aroma of tomato, garlic and basil as he pulled them out of the oven and threw them in a box.  They were almost irresistible, but I knew that I couldn’t afford a piece of pizza after all of my lack of exercise.

After a long day at work I finally realized that Awkward was on that night at 10:30.  I love it so much and even more now because lately I feel like I can relate to the main character, Jenna.  She’s struggling to fight her feelings against her old crush and almost-boyfriend, Matty McKibbon, while meanwhile she is dating the nicest and sweetest guy ever, Jake.  Matty never seemed to give her the time of day, but right when he did, it was too late for Jenna because she’s already moved on and started going out with Jake.  Although Jake is Matty’s best friend (and Ted and Gary are grades, almost worlds apart), there are way too many similarities for me to get hung up on the differences.

Ted has been wanting to video chat all night, so I called him just before the show started so we could “watch it together”.  Technically he couldn’t watch it because he didn’t have a TV in North Carolina, but he still enjoyed watching my reaction to everything that happened.  Putting myself in Jenna’s shoes made my life seem way more exciting than it actually was.  And watching that episode reminded me of Ted and I’s conversation over text from before at work.

Ted: Soo FaceTime after awkward obviously

Me: Yeah after awk obv

Ted: Haha of course.  Why do you get me into all these good shows

Me: Hahahaha I was just tellin Eugene about that it was so funny I was literally like “I got Ted into it.  I get him into everything I watch haha”

Ted: Hahaha yeaa ik literally everything.. I can’t watch it tonight tho cuz I don’t have my own TV

Me: Awww shit. Have you been keeping up with it?!

Ted: I have!!! But I rly don’t remember what happened last haha but ik she’s like crawling back to Matty sorta and I feel super bad for Jake

That last message hit me hard.  Shit, I would feel bad for “Jake” too.

Me: Yeah haha same

Ted: It’s weird becuz they are both like soo right about it like she could go either way!!!!

Okay he seriously needs to stop…

Me: Yeah I think she should stay with Jake though


Ted: Yeaa true true forgot about what he did.  I can’t believe I’m legit talkin about this with u…

Me: Haha I think it’s interesting

Ted: Haha yea but still this is like me talking to u about pretty little liars like c’mon my man card is being revoked

Hahahaha he makes me laugh sometimes.  But that conversation was way too freaky, although it definitely made me more excited to watch Awkward that night.

When I finally settled down on my family room couch and connected the video chat to Ted on my iPhone, I was immediately hooked on the episode.  The last episode left off as Jenna left a message telling Jake that she loved him (something she’s never been sure of before) right as Jake was told by the evil bitch Sadie (lol) that the mystery guy that Jenna was with before Jake was his best friend, Matty.  Heartbroken, he made his way over to Jenna at the wedding they were all at.  He broke up with her in the middle of the dance floor and left Jenna hurt and confused.

“OH MY GOD,” I shrieked with astonishment into my phone screen.  I was sucking on a blue Flavorice and my jaw dropped, revealing my blueberry tongue.  Ted laughed as my expression stayed locked on the TV screen and it cut to commercial.  “I can’t believe he broke up with her!!”

“Who, Jake?!”  He was equally as intrigued as I was, it was cute.  Feeling a little curious, I decided to ask him.

“Yeah, what should she do?!”

“Well I feel like she still likes Matty doesn’t she?  She should probably just go back to him!”  I immediately started questioning him.

“But he never gave her a chance!”  My heart was racing and a thin smile formed across my face, anticipating a response.

“Well that’s true I forgot about that, but I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance.”

“But what about everything he’s done to her?”

“Yeah true.  I dunno, why am I talking to you about this?”  He stopped and giggled and so did I.  I decided not to push the questions in fear that it might click in his mind why I was so curious.  Of course it didn’t, but I continued to watch as the commercial break ended with careful observation anyway.

The ending was the best part.  Jenna walked home from the wedding an emotional wreck and was in her room typing on her computer when she heard a knock at her bedroom door from outside in her backyard.  Matty.  She opened it and saw him standing there as he embraced her in a sympathetic hug.  They sat on her bed as she vented to him about how upset she was about Jake’s break up.  Neither one of them could understand exactly why Jake would end the relationship because they were left in the shadows; Jake was too upset to explain what he heard.  Did I mention that Matty was technically in another relationship before he ditched her for Jenna?!  No?!!  Well he did!

As Matty and Jenna tried to read into Jake’s actions, all of a sudden Jenna stated-

“Or maybe he just realized that even though I’ve fallen in love with him, I’ve never really fallen out of love with the other guy.”  I gasped as they both leaned in and Matty’s hand caressed Jenna’s delicate face.  Matty is so hot.  Ugh.  And then, the view turned to her back door to JAKE standing there watching them!

Without any further reactions left, I screamed at the top of my lungs and pointed at the back door on the screen.  Ted flipped out.

“WHAT!  What’s going on?!”  I just continued to stare at the screen.

“HOLY SHIT NOO!!!”  I explained to him how Jake saw Matty kissing Jenna and now everything was ruined!!!  Jake would probably never be able to get over this!  How could they go on as the happy couple they used to be?!  The answer?  They couldn’t.  Nothing would ever be the same after she’s broken his trust and hurt him so badly.  Poor Jake… poor Ted.

I’ve been cheating on our relationship in my mind ever since Gary came back into the picture.  And now that Ted is away it’s so hard to not crave what Ted can’t give me from eight hours south, and what Gary’s offered to right here at home.  I need to keep my priorities straight, or else Ted could easily be Jake.


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