Love is Magic

“Life is so interesting,” she said to me as we sat at a little round table in the back of Starbucks.  “It all comes together in the most magical ways.  I can’t wait for you to find that magic with someone.”  I tried to hold back tears as she told me how her and my uncle met.  How she broke up with him because she was bored then ended up getting back together with him later on down the road.  “We would always talk, I would give him advice about girls and he would be there for me when I needed advice too.  He was dating Anna at the time, and they were dating for a while.”  Her blue eyes twinkled in the dimly lit coffee shop.  Her brown hair hung lose around her fair face and landed just below her shoulders.  She held a faint smile on her thin, glossed lips.  “I asked him if he loved her, he said he didn’t know.  He said they haven’t had sex and he’s not sure how he feels about her.  So, I told him to take her away for the weekend and have sex with her!  See if he loves her or not, test it out…”  She paused for a moment before she continued, her eyes fixed on something distant behind me.  “When I hung up the phone I knew.  I still loved him.  God, I was a wreck that weekend.”

I listened intently.  Intrigued about every word that came out of her mouth, craving the ending to the story that is her life.

“When he got back from his trip I asked, well, how’d it go?  He said it went well.  I asked if he told her he loved her and he said no, so I said well why not?  He said, because I love you.”  My eyes filled with water and I tried to hold it back, but I knew that the real reason I was crying was not solely because of how touching that story was.  My Uncle Thomas was her Ted.  In every way shape and form he is to her what Ted is to me.  I wondered if that meant Ted and I were destined to be together, because I too broke up with him out of boredom, but miss him at the same time.  She told me how Thomas was not her soulmate, however.  She went on to tell me about the electricity she had with her old boyfriend from Ireland and how they could never be together because his mom wouldn’t let him move to America.  It was magical love.  She told me how she had dinner with him last summer and he started crying.  When she asked why, he said she knew why.  Because she was the one he was supposed to marry.

Life is interesting.  Although my Aunt Karen loves my Uncle Thomas, she said that it’s a different kind of love.  “There are many kinds of love,” she says “they are all different, and all wonderful.”  She knows that Thomas isn’t her soul mate, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t supposed to marry him.  She fascinates me.  I could have sat in that Starbucks for hours upon hours talking about how our family came to be the way it was, and how love is a truly special thing that you have to be sure you experience at least once in your life, and never settle for less until you’ve had it.

“Did it hurt him when you broke up with him?” I nodded my head as the tears swelled up in my eyes and began to pour down my cheeks.  I looked down at my lap and she reached her hands across the table and took mine in hers.  “Did it hurt you?”  I nodded again.  My shoulders shook as I cried softly, I couldn’t hold it in no matter how hard I tried.  I couldn’t believe I was crying so hard in public.  There is just something about Aunt Karen that inspires you, makes you believe that there is a magical fairy tale waiting for you and gets you excited to find it.  She is the wisest person I know, and she sat there and held my hands in Starbucks until I stopped crying.

I cried because of Ted.  I cried because I know Ted is not my soul mate, and I cried because he is too good to settle for anything but the fairy tale he deserves, as am I.

“Maybe Ted won’t love someone again the way he loves you.  But that’s kinda cool.”  I laughed as I wiped my sleeve under my eyes.  “There are many kinds of love out there.  Don’t settle for anything less than magic.”